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25 November 2013

Tierra del Fuego - Patagonia

Tierra del Fuego - General Map
Few places in the world have captivated the imagination of explorers and travelers like Patagonia has. Almost 500 years ago, the first Europeans sailed through on four ships captained by Ferdinand Magellan. But this vast region was one of the last on the planet to be settled and remains pristine and sparsely populated, protected by the harsh, cold climate. 
     Sailors from around the world continue to test their luck and courage in these harrowing straits. Mountaineers stage elaborate excursions through rugged territories, only to be beaten back, like their predecessors, by unrelenting storms. What seduces so many people to Patagonia is the idea of the "remote" -- indeed, the very notion of traveling to the End of the World. It is a seduction, but also an illusion. After all, on a globe, everywhere is both the center and the end of the Earth at the same time. And people do live here -- very few people, but those who do are hardy survivors. 
Mountain Landscape
      A harsh, wind-whipped climate and Patagonia's geological curiosities have produced some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world: the granite towers of Torres del Paine and Mount Fitz Roy; the Northern and Southern Patagonian Ice Fields with their colossal glaciers (the greatest masses of ice and sweet water reserves outside the polar caps); the flat steppe broken by multicolored sedimentary bluffs; and the emerald fjords and lakes that glow an impossible sea-foam blue. In the end, this is what compels most travelers to plan a trip down here. Beyond landscapes, the region's cowboys (called gauchos in Argentina and baqueanos in Chile) lend a certain air of romanticism. Top the natural allure with an excellent array of new lodges and guiding services, and it's more appealing, and easier than ever, to journey to the end of the world. 
     Every year, tourists and residents alike jointly take part in the different sporting and cultural events that take place in winter. The most important of these are the "Fiesta Nacional de la Noche Más Larga" ("National Festival of the Longest NIght"), a musical event inaugurating the winter season on June 20, after the traditional "Marcha Blanca" ("White March") and the "Marcha de los Valles" ("March through the Valleys"), long-distance ski treks joining the winter sports centers that attract whole families and are well-known locally and abroad, as well the "Encuentro Nacional de Escultores en Nieve" ("National Contest of Snow Sculpture"). 
Cami Lake View
     Ushuaia is a veritable artist's palette of colors. The red and yellow colors in fall give way to darker winter hues and finally to the bright and cheerful yellows of summer. Ushuaia has become an increasingly popular paradise for landscape painters. The city and its environs are suitable areas, and the rivers, mountains, forest, sea, snow, sky, light and all else serve as sources of inspiration. The painters usually are found on the shores of a quiet lake or tenanting a comfortable cabin with a commanding view over a wooded valley. 
     Ushuaia is the ideal place to ride through fields on horseback or enjoy a quiet day's fishing. What is more, according to the time of year, you can also watch sheep shearing and sheepdog trials. Some of the Fueguian ranches can lodge people overnight and regale them with the classical rural fare of cheese, cold cuts, wines and the typical "asado argentino con cordero patagónico" ("Argentine barbecue of Patagonian mutton"). The stay is rounded off with different excursions such as those to watch the colonies of Magellan penguins or to visit an early 19th century shipwreck. 
     On the coasts of the Beagle Channel there are still signs of the original occupants of these lands. Accompanied by experts, you will learn everything about the natives of the region: the Yámanas. You will visit archaeological digs, and carry out personalized tours and interpreted treks in fabulous places. 
       Due especially to the location of this province at the extreme tip of South America, and to the special features of its sub-Antarctic environment, very close to the White Continent, Tierra del Fuego is the best place for this interesting activity. Most of the researches are connected with the natural environment. This is field work, requiring outdoor sojourns of varying length.
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21 November 2013

Easily Selecting From Hotels In Haiti‏

     Attempting to plan and coordinate a trip is usually a process that requires quite a bit of decision making and careful research. Most trips are reliant on a delicate blend of timing in conjunction with making sure that service providers are carefully considered for making sure even the most basics of needs are met while away from home. 
     People that are focused on this particular need should know the fundamentals of choosing from hotels in Haiti as part of making sure their recuperation needs are successfully met. Hotels are the facilities equipped individual rooms that are able to be rented by consumers on a nightly basis during their trip. People are mostly interested in this kind of accommodation when considering all major brands and chains they are already familiar with for the sake of feeling more confident about the choices that are made. Sorting through the competitive options can actually be quite difficult to consider. Consumers focused on traveling to Haiti are able to reserve a room from a significant number of facilities. 
     Most travelers are unfamiliar with all that should be considered when attempting to feel assured their trip is as successfully managed as possible. The right selection is actually quite easy to make when several factors are considered. Consumer reviews are some of the most helpful forms of insight offered to people that are trying to make this selection. Review forums are typically filled with an incredible amount of insight from consumers that recently stayed in a facility and are willing to share their insights with others about how restful and productive their trip was. Selections should be based on highly rated facilities. Travelers are also focused on the opportunity to ensure the facility is conveniently located. The proximity of any accommodations that one is using on their trip is an integral step in making sure the entirety of their trip is able to be mapped out and consolidated in a more productive and efficient manner. 
Milien Continental Hotels – Haiti
Landscape from Milien Continental Hotel – Haiti
     Paying attention to the facilities that are within a close proximity to any points of interest one will be visiting is generally a best practice. Reservation requirements are also quite useful to focus in on when making this selection. Making a reservation is usually dependent on the need to place specific amount of money down on the room while also checking in an out during an appropriate time frame that is managed by the facility. Reading through all terms carefully helps avoid unnecessary difficulties. Amenities that are offered from the facility should generate interest as well. Features and amenities are usually based on the notion of being able to fully enjoy the recuperation process while having access to a multitude of features and options. Consumers are encouraged to pay attention to the facilities that are equipped with the largest array of available luxuries and features that keep the trip productive. 
Rooms at Hotel Kabic - Pt. Mouillage Sud Est Haiti

     When choosing from hotels in Haiti consumers are also focused on their prices. Nightly rates that are charged by facilities are a significant expense that must be managed by the traveler and can be difficult to coordinate on various levels. The lowest costs for the best space and features help consumers find a great deal.
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16 November 2013

Pemba Island's Manta Underwater Room Resort Hotel - Zanzibar

 Pemba Island's Manta Underwater  Hotel - Zanzibar 
      If you've ever dreamed of sleeping under the sea, à la The Little Mermaid, your dreams can soon become reality at the Manta Resort's new underwater room. You probably want to visit the Manta Resort, a new getaway in Zanzibar—because, at the Manta Resort, you can actually get away from the getaway and stay a few hundred feet offshore in a floating hotel room. And then you can getaway again in the underwater bedroom built for watching fish.       
      The Underwater Room is exactly what it sounds like. The tiny floating island features three levels for lucky vacationers. On the water level, there's space for lounging and dining, while a sun deck above makes for great tanning and even better stargazing at night.
Inside View - underwater hotel
Aerial View
     This unique experience does not come cheap, at $1,500 a night. But that also buys you full access to the rest of the resort on land. The exotic location is also great for scuba diving as well as safaris. But, seriously, your own floating island with an underwater bedroom? Why would you ever leave? The Manta Resort is located on Pemba Island, part of the Zanzibar archipelago off the coast of East Africa. The resort's newest feature allows guests to book a private floating island, part of which is submerged 13 feet below the Indian Ocean.The room features plenty of windows, so guests can watch fish and other sea creatures swim by. Forget about noisy neighbors, at Manta's underwater room, it's just you and the fish, because the real allure is underwater, though, where the bedroom sits 13 feet beneath the surface. On all sides the lights provide underwater illumination at night; you can peer out into the Indian Ocean and see everything from trumpet fish to octopus float by. Gives this new meaning to the idea of sleeping with the fishes, huh? Above the water, two additional floors provide an airier atmosphere, including a terrace perfect for sunbathing by day and stargazing by night.For those looking for a more traditional stay, the Manta Resort also offers stunning seafront villas and garden rooms.Undersea tourism has garnered attention lately, with plans for underwater hotelspopping up in countries like the UAE and Fiji. The unique experience lures travelers looking for a totally new type of vacation.
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10 November 2013

San Pedro Belize Rentals‏

San Pedro - Belize
     Planning and taking a trip of some kind is generally quite exciting for any consumer to focus in on. Many people decide to focus on traveling during their free time in an effort to see new sights and experience new perspectives in different regions of the globe that necessitate making numerous decisions. People interested in this particular form of accommodation should learn what to ponder when deciding from San Pedro Belize rentals in an effort to ensure their recuperative needs are successfully managed. Vacation rentals are owned by individuals and rented to travelers for the duration of their vacation for a nightly rate.
      Consumers are usually interested in this type of unit when planning on traveling in larger groups and are attempting to make sure they are given access to plenty of room to unwind. The selections that people make from the various units are often difficult to complete. People in San Pedro Belize that are concentrating on this kind of facility have a vast assortment of options to consider. Most travelers are not quite clear about what considerations are the most helpful to concentrate on when being assured their needs are fully met. Selections are much easier to make when various factors are weighted. Review forums are incredibly useful for people to consider when making this selection. Reviews posted on these forums are from travelers that recently stayed in the accommodation of interest and are often detailed about what is offered and why the facility should generate any kind of interest from others. Paying attention to the most recommended facilities on these forums creates enhanced confidence with any selection that is made.
Condo rental in San Pedro
      The amount of room that is readily available with the unit should generate interest as well. Most of the point behind staying in this kind of facility is to be assured that plenty of room to relax and unwind is available which must be founded on the amount of guests that will be traveling together. The most appropriate layout and number of bedrooms available typically creates the most comfortable environment. Location is always an essential factor to weigh in when deciding on where to stay. Trip planners are usually interested in the opportunity to see various points of interest throughout their destination which can be difficult to complete when staying in an accommodation that is inconvenient and out of the way. Centrally located facilities that are convenient and efficient to access from anywhere one is trying to reach are helpful in keeping the trip easily managed.
San Pedro Ocean Front Villa Rental
      Renter requirements are also an integral part of this entire effort. Most owners have specific qualification requirements that must be met which include holds on credit cards and the actual care of the unit during the stay being planned. People are encouraged to consider the simplest options to fulfill their needs. San Pedro Belize rentals should only be considered if they are affordable. Attempting to pay for this kind of accommodation is usually quite difficult to contend with when being assured that all budget constraints are readily managed. The lowest costs units with the most space help people manage their trip in an affordable manner.

4 November 2013

Hogmanay Is The Scottish New Year Experience‏

     Have you booked that trip for New Year's Eve yet? Please don't tell me you're just going to do the standard hanging out with family and friends at home? Why don't you just bite the bullet and travel to some place you have never been?. I know of a brilliant place for a New Year's Eve celebration. That place is Edinburgh in Scotland. So what happens there I hear you ask? It is home of the annual Scottish New Year's festival, Hogmanay. 
     I am here to tell you that Hogmanay is a fantastic experience and a must-do for everyone on New Year's Eve. Whether it is the people, the food or the party itself, if you just get off your butt and book a trip there you will have a brilliant time. Did I tell you that the word Hogmanay means the "last day of the year" in Scottish? Well I guess not, but anyway, Edinburgh is easily one of the best places to welcome in the New Year. Personally I think it is not only the best in the UK but easily the best in the world. So what is the origin of this Hogmanay festival I hear you ask? Well some historians say that the Vikings actually invented the Hogmanay celebrations because the actual eve of New Year was an important event to the vikings. So I guess it was only natural that they would want to celebrate with a big shindig on New Year's Eve! What about the word Hogmanay, where is that from? Well some say Flemish, some say Scandinavian, some people even say it is Anglo-Saxon. Well I have got no idea, I just know that it is a wicked party. Having personally experienced the New Year's Eve celebration of Hogmanay in Scotland, I can confidently say it is a breath-taking event. The fireworks in the night skies, the dancing and the music among others give you everything you are looking for in a New Year's Eve. 
Hogmanay - Edinburgh
     For a moment it felt like I was on a different planet and just wanted the party to continue. I was particularly surprised with the large number of people who attended. I'm thinking there were over 250,000 partygoers from all around the world. I was there with an American friend, Mike, and you could see the smile and happiness in his face at how awesome the night was. Edinburgh does not only offer the beauty of welcoming a new year but also has some astonishing hotels. If you are travelling to Hogmanay there are plenty of accommodation options, but it is probably your best bet to book early. Having booked our hotel early and staying for four days, Mike and I got a great deal at the 5 Star Sheraton Grand Hotel located near to the Edinburgh Centre and the famous Edinburgh Castle. The accommodation at the Sheraton Grand Hotel was fantastic. The services were good and the staff were really friendly. This made us felt like we were at home. Mike and I tried plenty of traditional Scottish foods whilst we were at Hogmanay. The cold night means that the food should be served hot and we even gave the Haggis a run. It wasn't for me, but Mike went back for seconds. 
     Maybe just give it a go for yourself and see what you think. If you like sweets I actually had some of the best shortbread I have ever had. There was plenty of different drinks on offer at Hogmanay, but of course Scotch whisky is the drink of Scotland. You know what they say, "When In Rome"! But hey, Scotch is not only enjoyed in Scotland but across the world. I actually think Scotch is my new favourite drink! I just love really good Scotch, the taste is incredible. There are so many tour groups out there that organise Hogmanay tours as well. So if you aren't the type to book stuff yourself, and if you want to go with a tour group, then do a search on the net and Im sure you will find one that will suit your budget and needs. 
     Also, if you're looking at travelling with a whole group of people then you should definitely hook up with a Hogmanay tour group. Travelling as a group can be the best experience. There was plenty of things happening at Hogmanay, but there is nothing like singing Auld Lang Syne at midnight in the country where the song originated. It really was an amazing experience. Hogmanay offers a magic way for you to kick in the New Year in style. You definitely will not regret it.

31 October 2013

La Tomatina and Pamplona's Bull Run

     Spain is a fabulous holiday destination and the fact that a few years back it was the second most visited country in the world after France gives you an indication of its popularity. Its mild climate, its sandy beaches, its entertainment hot spots, nightlife and festivals ensure Spain remains a sparkling gem in the tourism crown.

La Tomatina - Bunol
     Spain really has some world renowned festivals. One of those is La Tomatina, held in Bunol, near Valencia. This festivals involves people throwing tomato at each other! But by far the biggest and best festival is the San Fermin, which is held in Pamplona every July. The San Fermin is best known for its crazy Running of the Bulls held every morning of the festival. 

     I love risk and a challenge and the thought of running in front of snorting, angry and frenzied bulls that have been let loose on a sectioned-off course spelled excitement and daring. It is something that I've always watched on TV with deep fascination. This year I made sure that I had booked my turn for the Pamplona Running of the Bulls and July 6 to July 14 had been firmly circled on my calendar for me to get to the renowned San Fermin Festival.
     There are bull run events in plenty of towns and cities across Spain, but it is the running of the bulls in Pamplona during the San Fermin Festival that is most famous around the world. I fortunately did my homework and discovered that during the Pamplona Bull Run, hotels in Pamplona can be expensive. As an alternative you can camp and there are companies that do Pamplona tours where they plan everything for you, including transport, tent and breakfast. I was booked into a hotel known as Gran Hotel La Perla which was a perfect choice for me simply because it had a balcony and looked down on the very road where the bulls would come thundering by. 
     The first time I watched the Pamplona Bull Run from my balcony I was totally blown away. Like I am thinking? "Are you insane?". I had thoughts about whether or not I wanted to actually go through with it and run with the bulls the next morning. I agonised all day. One of the my friends said "Do it!". The other one said "What are you, Stupid or something?" So....did I???
     I know Im keeping you guessing on the bull run, but I have to tell you there is plenty to do in Pamplona during San Fermin other than the Bull Run. The parties start early and go long into the night. There are so many little bars we went to and ate some really tasty food at some cool local restaurants. Quite often though we would just go to a tapas bar and have some snacks. Tapas is perfect to keep you going during San Fermin's not stop party. The bars and restaurants open late, but remember, in Spain they have a siesta in the afternoon so Pamplona, even during San Fermin, is like a ghost town. There is still plenty happening throughout the day and night with parades and what not, as well as the fireworks that happen around 11pm each night. 
Pamplona's Bull Run
     When it finally came time for me to run with the bulls, well lets just say that I sort of chickened out! However, I must say I was appalled to see people simply pounding over others who had tripped or fallen in front of them and opted to just be a spectator. I mean people have died in these runs you know. My friends and I stayed for the full seven days, which ended with everyone gathering at the City Hall and singing a song called "Pobre de Mi" or "Poor Me", indicating that the San Fermin Festival was over for another year. 
     I have briefly visited Pamplona outside of San Fermin and it is a completely different place. You really need to be in Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls to appreciate the atmosphere and experience what is pretty much a uniquely Spanish experience.

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